Poster Abstract: Sector Coupling with Optimization: A comparison between single buildings and combined quarters.

Lena Heidemann, Denis Bytschkow, Alexandre Capone, Thomas Licklederer, Michael Kramer


The combination of building technologies with renewable energies, storage systems and low carbon technologies, like Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and heat pumps, demands to consider different energy networks in building energy management systems (BEMS) to enable sector coupling. This and the observation that energy equipment in buildings is often oversized and seldom used to its full potential during most time of the year calls for a holistic approach to establish sustainable multi-energy neighbourhoods. In this work, we introduce a model for a district energy system with sector coupling that integrates BEMS and compare the results of this model for the optimized operation of single buildings and the integrated solution to quantify the possible saving potential (Heidemann et al. 2019, p.1).